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Why you shouldn't vote for Mitt Romney

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Well, it looks like Mitt Romney is set to win the Republican bid. With his upcoming campaign in the general elections approaching, I thought I'd look into his policies critically. Could Romney be a better alternative to Obama?

The following link is from Mitt Romney's official campaign site.

Holy crap, take a look at this. These are Mitt Romney's solutions to what he calls "the critical issues". Some of the things said here are quite stupid, not Rick Santorum stupid, but if you dissect the intelligent and well-meaning sound of the phraseology, it's easier to judge.

On jobs…
Mitt Romney has an exceptional understanding of labor relations from his experience in government and business. He recognizes the value of unions, but is focused on protecting the workers they serve. This means appointing experienced NLRB individuals, amending the NLRA and reversing Obama’s organized labor orders. Mitt also supports states that pursue Right-to-Work laws and prohibits the use of funds for political purposes from worker paychecks.

"He recognizes the value of unions, but is focused on protecting the workers they serve"? What? The whole point of unions is to protect workers. And then he says he's going to appoint "experienced NLRB individuals" and make changes to the NLRA?

So what he's saying is that he wants to be the one responsible for the welfare of workers, not unions, and that he wants to sock-puppet the NLRB with his own appointed officials and make changes to the NLRA, which basically allows unions to exist.

And how does he back himself up for this kind of authority? "Mitt Romney has an exceptional understanding of labor relations from his experience in government and business." Yeah, because someone from a wealthy family who's been a businessman all his life can definitely identify with blue-collar workers.

On taxes…
Mr. Romney supports a fundamental redesign of the existing U.S. tax system. Gov. Romney wants to simplify the U.S. tax system by lowering rates in order to expand the tax base, therefore helping the economy. Stabilizing the tax structure is key, which allows entrepreneurs and investors to effectively plan for the future. This means maintaining current tax rates on personal income, interest, dividends and capital gains, eliminating the death tax and taxes for those tax payers with an AGI of less than $200k on interest, capital gains and dividends. Romney also wants to lower corporate tax rates to 25%.

Translation: Tax rates are going to stay high for everyone, except for corporations and dead people.

Because in these tough economic times, the best solution is taking less money from the people that make the most money.

On China...
Governor Romney strongly believes that China's economic success is due in large part to ground work that the United States has laid.

He strongly believes that China's economic success stems from "ground work the United States has laid"?

Now listen for a minute, if you say you believe something, that does not at all mean there are facts behind it. So, by Romney saying this, he makes an inadvertent admission that this is complete bias. China's economic success comes from wage slavery and mass production outsourced from other countries, is that the kind of "ground work" he's talking about? If anything, Romney is laying Chinese ground work in the US by meddling with labor unions.

He sees China as a new power that is essentially infringing on the intellectual property of U.S. individuals and corporations.

Yeah, never mind the massive human rights abuses and the virtually non-existent labor rights. Clearly, China's worst offense is its manufacture of bootleg products. Those poor, defenseless corporations ....

As President, Mr. Romney will work to enforce stronger protections of our IP in an effort to ensure proper remuneration for our technological accomplishments.

Did you guys see what he just did there? "Mr. Romney will work to enforce stronger protections of our IP in an effort to ensure proper remuneration for our technological accomplishments."

So basically, Romney wants our IPs controlled. He didn't say our internet, he said our IPs, our individual internet identifications. Notice how this isn't under his homeland security section, but instead snugly tucked away in his section on China. He's using Chinese bootlegs as an excuse to justify the widely unpopular act of IP monitoring or censorship. Never mind the fact that China's internet is already censored to hell and back, so I don't see how this makes any sense. Maybe that's why he decided not to tackle the subject on its own, because then it would've been more apparent that this idea is full of crap.

Okay, maybe he's talking about the Chinese government using the internet to find US technology that they can reverse-engineer, but that still doesn't make sense. There's other ways they can do that besides using the internet. Safeguarding US IPs because of that is like the equivalent to locking your dog in a giant hamster ball to keep it from getting fleas.

Mitt feels that China manipulates its currency in an effort to negatively impact the Dollar and stands by the idea that the Chinese government abuses its relationships with American businesses by contracting them into sharing technology and then reverse-engineering it in many cases.

Mitt feels? He stands by the idea? You don't govern a country on f***ing feelings! This shows Romney's blatant disregard for facts. Does he determine anything about China based on what he actually knows and not some sweeping presuppositions?

It is because of these beliefs that Mitt has proposed – and supports – better legal protections for trade, sanctions and trade tariffs for offenders like China, global currency regulation, and pausing all American government procurement of goods from China until they agree to the the Government Procurement Agreement written by the World Trade Organization.

Romney wants to put sanctions on China and pause procurement from them if they don't agree to the GPA? Do you know how ludicrous and futile that sounds? One of the top exporters to the US and the largest holder of its debt; and Romney says imposing sanctions or pausing its imports are a-okay.

Because they make bootlegs which, you know, are destroying the economy as we speak.

On Iran...
Governor Romney is incredibly firm on his stance towards Iran in what will be one of the cornerstones of his administration. Mitt is focused on not allowing Iran to gain nuclear capabilities and he hopes that this can be achieved diplomatically.

That's right Iran, you're not allowed to develop cheaper and cleaner alternative fuel and treat cancer patients.

However, because of his staunch support of Israel, he does not believe that the world can simply sit back and wait for something catastrophic to happen in the region.

Like US military involvement?

Mr. Romney supports diplomatic isolation of Iran, as well as economic sanctions,

What the hell has Iran ever done to deserve either of those things? Because they might be developing nuclear weapons? That's a complete assumption with no backing evidence whatsoever.

and would consider a military action if absolutely necessary.

I knew it.

Mitt's track record is clear in his opposition towards Iran's posturing, and understands the threat that they truly pose to the region and global stability as a whole. He believes that the people of Iran must be involved and understand the dangers of their leaders' nuclear ambitions. The Governor believes that Iran is one of the greatest threats to the security and stability of the United States, and as President, the priority for his foreign policy will be the defense of America and to ensure the protection of freedom around the world from threats like those posed by Iran.

How is Iran suppressing freedom in any other part of the world in any way, or threatening "global stability as a whole"? That criteria applies to the US more than it does Iran. What? Did Mitt Romney just shake a magic eight-ball to decide his position on Iran? F***ing Mexico is a bigger threat to the United States.

So yeah,  Romney's stance on Iran can be best summed up as "guilty until proven innocent", pretty much.

On Homeland Security...
Governor Romney believes that the best offense is a good defense. Our country should be able to and must defend itself, both home and overseas. Governor Romney supports the PATRIOT Act and believes it allows the Government the access it needs to vital information necessary to securing our citizens.

He supports the PATRIOT Act .... I don't know, do I really have to make a comment on this?

Governor Romney understands that there are those who live in the United States who might want to injure or kill their fellow citizens. He supports civil liberties but believes that being safe and alive is the most important civil liberty the United States Government can provide to its citizens.

Governor Romney stated in a 2012 debate that, if President, he would have signed the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act. It would have given the President the ability to arrest and detain any United States Citizen suspected of being a terrorist or a part of al-Qaeda.

See everybody, it's not so bad if you're being spied on or detained by the military for an indefinite amount of time, just so long as you're safe and alive. Your privacy and your liberties will be disregarded, but at least you're safe and alive. It's all good.

I mean, I know Obama put his name on the NDAA, but at least he's pledged that the indefinite detention provision wouldn't apply to US citizens. Romney, however, makes it no secret that he's in favor of detaining citizens.

On our ally Israel...
Governor Romney strongly believes that Radical Islam has only these goals: to eliminate Israel and replace all the world’s countries with Islamic states under one caliphate, forcing the conversion of all non-believers to Islam.

Well, Romney spent over two years in France trying to convert people to Mormonism when he was a teenager, so I don't see how he has any right to talk here.

So, here's a quick recap: Mitt Romney wants to control labor unions, lower taxes almost exclusively for corporations, "protect" our IPs because of Chinese bootlegs, put sanctions on China, continue bullying Iran, and he fully supports both the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA.


Excuse me, waiter, I would like to order four more years of Obama, please.

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